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Buying Policy and Procedures
We buy items on Tuesdays. (If you are unable to drop off on Tuesdays, you may drop off items on Saturdays and we will process on Tuesday.)  If there happens to be a surge of items, we cannot buy everything!  We surely do not wish to inconvenience you by bringing in items only for you to return home with them.  So, we ask that you refer to our Buying Status link, or give us a call and/or email us to find out in advance whether we are taking items in question and we will respond in a timely manner.  Please refer to our Sell/Buy link on our website for additional information.

What is your Return Policy?
All sales from our store are FINAL (Battery operated items are tested upon purchase to ensure they function properly when sold.), with the exception of clothing, which may be exchanged within 7 days of purchase, provided that you show the original receipt and the tags are still attached. Customers are issued "In Store Credit" when such clothing items are returned. (Special clothing items, such as holiday attire (fancy dresses, suits), costumes, etc. may not be returned.) We ask that you consult with us in this regard, if you have any questions.

What Forms of Payment do you accept?
We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards (Master Card and Visa)

Is there anything wrong with your Like New Items?
Most of our items are gently used and are in Like New and most often EXCELLENT - MINT condition. All items undergo an initial quality inspection for missing buttons, non-functioning zippers, holes, stains, etc. We look for torn pages in books, any damage to the toys and test all videos and DVDs prior to listing them.  

We focus mainly on high quality manufacturers such as Baby Gap, Baby Guess, Ralph Lauren / Polo, Hurley, Gymboree, Carter’s, OSHKOSH, Old Navy and many more. But, we also offer adorable items from lesser known designers and manufacturers.  After all….cute is cute no matter where it came from!

Do you Accept Items on Consignment?
Unfortunately we can not accept items on consignment at this time.  Consult our What We Buy and Sell list and clean out those closets for Resale Store Credit or Cash!  Remember, presentation is everything; the cleaner, fresher, and nicer it is, the more it is worth to you!  After our buyer has reviewed your items, we will make you an offer. You may then pick up your check/cash and any returns - or we will donate them to Goodwill after seven days (storage space is limited).

Punch Cards
For every $10 you spend - get your card punched.  A full punched card may be redeemed for a 15% discount off your entire purchase.

Will you accept Out of Season Clothing?
Yes, we accept out-of-season clothing.  However, chances are, you will receive less money for your item because we will need to store the clothing - and hope that it is still fashionable when the appropriate season arrives.

How do we Determine What We Pay You for Your Items?
Our items are based on various criteria, which include, but not limited to: 

  • Condition
  • Brand name
  • Style
  • Level of demand
  • Season